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Based on our experience of serving clients in different industries, we firmly believe the website design is not just graphic or attraction design. The website is a platform containing contents and specific expressions to defined targets / clients. The development cycle of website is a self-improved system, mainly including initial, development, hosting and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) phases. Each phase has its defined goals and achievements. The whole system is a consecutive and iterative process, each phase is acting as the implementation of previous stage and necessarity to the next one.

We are so confident that we can provide the best web design service in all areas, and maximum our clients' investment for the right choice.

Please consider us before you make decision, because:

  1. Templates: We are providing thousands of well-selected website templates for our registered clients, covering almost all industries. And we also provide design-from-scratch and customization to meet any requests. They are FREE to our clients!
  2. Web Design: We are developing your website with a whole infrastructure library. We are not only the UI (User Interface) developers, but application designers. We take care of your website as an Enterprise System and build it with powerful features and foundamental structures.
  3. Hosting: We are providing an ONE-STOP hosting service for out clients. We reside five powerful data centers around the world, holding a global System Administration team to ensure the most reliable 7*24 service. But please keep in mind: Our hosting servers are DEDICATED to our clients ONLY!
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): We will help our clients build the credibility to major search engines (eg. Google) in the SAFEST way without any spams or dangerous behaviors. We deeply understand how the networks work and how to make them happy to regard your website. Just like a game, but we are aware of the rules.


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